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David Suzuki

Dept of Astronautics

AF jobs: Astro Engr; Systems Engr; Program Management.

Acquisition Certification: Level 2 Prog Mgt; Level 2 SPRDE; Level 1 T&E

91-93: Massachusetts Institute of Technology under AFIT/CI program for a

Master's in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a Master's in Nuclear Engineering.

93-96: AF Phillips Lab (now AF Research Lab), Kirtland AFB. Worked on small

project team demonstrating concept, design, development, and flight test of

third-world countermeasures to US missile defense systems.

96-99: National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly VA. Program manager for a

classified space flight program.

99-present: Stellar Solutions, Inc. Worked on several contracts including

development of requirements documents for future intelligence architectures;

support to the National Commission for the Review of the NRO; and technical

support to the NRO National Support Staff.