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George A. Stetz, Col, ret

Work: 805-606-5056


1965-1968: Propulsion Engineer, performance testing of solid propellant formulations with different rocket nozzle configurations, Air Force Rocket Propulsion Lab, Edwards AFB,Cal;

1968-1969: Masters program, mechanical engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Cal, Thesis-Nucleate and Film Boiling Characteristics of Various Mediums;

1969-1973: Astronautical Engineer, Air Force lead on team which developed improved stage II liquid rocket engine for Titan III space launch vehicle, Titan III Program Office, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles,Cal;

1973-1978: Chief, Mechanical Engineering, Space Launch Complex 4, East and West, Vandenberg AFB - Responsible for all mechanical and propulsion systems launch preparation/launch of Titan IIIB and D space launch vehicles and Agena upper stage;

1978-1982: Supervisor of eleven Air Force personnel detailed to NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, for Space Shuttle launch and landing training in anticipation of Air Force Space Shuttle Operations at Vandenberg AFB;

1982-1986: Director of Engineering and Integration, Space Shuttle Activation Task Force, Vandenberg AFB;

1987: Director of Safety, Western Space and Missile Center, Vandenberg AFB;

1988-1989: Commander,Western Test Range, Vandenberg AFB;

1989 Retired USAF;

1990-2001: Project Manager, developing new launch programs such as Athena space launch vehicle, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Vandenberg AFB.