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Spring 01 Update

As the new administration's priorities become clearer, the importance of the military use of space is being emphasized. The Space Chapter is helping the Academy prepare for the coming new era in Air Force space operations. Our members have also been sharing ideas and concepts with each other for strengthening the use of space for national security.

Following up on our the Chapter's fall 2000 review of the Astronautics curriculum, we have continued working with the Astronautics Department and other academic departments, as well as building ties to the Commandant's programs. One of the Astro Dept's projects, FalconSat II, will build and launch a small satellite. Some Chapter members are supporting design reviews for this important cadet project.

We continue to support several initiatives aimed at creating space-related exhibits for cadets and the public. By working with the Pikes Peak Observatory and the leadership of Colorado Springs military space organizations, the Chapter is helping build a critical mass of support for space exhibits on the Academy grounds. Several members have also arranged for donation of space vehicle models for display in the cadet area.

We have begun to work with the Academy's AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) group to prepare to commemorate the anniversary of the Wright brothers first flight and to publicize what the technology of flight (including space flight) has meant for US national security.

Recently, the Chapter has created a mentoring program for cadets and faculty members interested in space jobs or careers. Chapter members, who have extensive experience in AF space assignments, are available to answer questions and provide advice to interested cadets or faculty members.

Although the Chapter's communications and coordination are normally conducted over the Internet, we held our annual get-together (probably shouldn't call it a "meeting") in conjunction with the US Space Foundation's National Space Symposium, which was held in the Springs in April. It was a good turnout and a good opportunity to get together and review our progress and plans.

Grads interested in learning more about these and other activities of the Space Chapter can check the web site ( or contact Stan Rosen '69 at (daytime phone 310-364-5746).