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October 2004 CHECKPOINTS

The Space Group has been in continuing discussions with the Academy and AOG leadership regarding space-related programs at the Academy. In July 2004, the Superintendent hosted the first Graduate Leadership Conference, to share on-going initiatives with the graduate community. In that forum, the Space Group had the opportunity to discuss our perspectives and activities with the Superintendent and Commandant, and to learn more about their planned space-related developments.

We also had comprehensive meetings with the faculty in September, which highlighted the many new and comprehensive space programs now underway, especially the Aim Higher program and the development of the Space Operations and Engineering Laboratory--SOEL (which are described on the Space Group's web site There is renewed interest at the Academy in forming strong connections with external space organizations, such as the Space Group, the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs, and AF Space Command. More than ever, the Space Group has opportunities to support cadet and faculty activities.

We are especially interested in the initiative to refocus Academy strategic studies programs toward space, and development of a "space track". In addition, the Falconsat and other space engineering and technology programs are maturing, and the Space Group continues to participate in design reviews and provide other advisory and support roles.

The mentor/advisor program we started several years ago offers an opportunity for cadets (and faculty) to contact our members to gain new perspectives on space-related jobs and careers. We are finding a growing need for these kinds of external contacts to support cadet development and preparation for roles after graduation.

Finally, we are working with cadet organizations, such as the Space Club and the USAFA chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, to help meet their objectives to expose cadets to space developments.

Graduates interested in participating in this broadly-focused Group will find contact information on our web site.

Stan Rosen '69