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2 Dec 98





23 Fairchild Drive, Suite 6J71

USAF Academy, CO 80840-6224


1. On 20 Nov 98, a group of former Air Force officers interested in the space experience at the USAF Academy met with representatives from agencies at the academy responsible for parts of that space experience. USAFA representatives spent the morning providing background information on space related courses presently in the curriculum. The afternoon was spent trying to develop a charter for this Space Advisory Group. The resulting tentative mission statement is:


Focus resources of the graduate community to strengthen the USAFA space experience


2. A brainstorming session identified possible roles for the Space Advisory Group. The ideas were grouped into four broad categories: bring resources, provide advice and guidance, provide speakers, and provide opportunities for experience.


a. Bring Resources: This can include establishing a space related gift account through the AOG. It can also involve providing people or hardware to the Academy. It may also include providing in-kind support to the Academy. Under this last scenario, someone could come to USAFA and become directly involved in the space-related work here.

b. Provide Advice and Guidance: This is a broad category that can include bringing an awareness of current space topics to USAFA, bringing information and insight regarding space issues, providing contacts to outside sources of information, and making suggestions for USAFA strategic planning with regards to space.

Provide Speakers: Guest speakers can often make course content more meaningful to cadets. The Space Advisory Group may be an untapped pool of potential speakers or have fresh ideas on possible speakers.

Provide Opportunities for Experience: This category can take a variety of forms. It can range from field trips or tours to securing flight opportunities on NASA’s KC-135 used to simulate brief periods of weightlessness. This category also includes the enrichment that comes from summer research opportunities made available to both cadets and faculty.




No date for the next meeting was established, but Dead Week (the week before Memorial Day) is a likely candidate.






Permanent Professor and Head



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