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TO: USAFA AOG Space Chapter

As many of you know, I have been working with the USAFA PA to help design a space-related display for the Visitors Center and perhaps the Cadet Area. I was notified this summer that the current redesign for the Visitor Center uses all available wall space and display fixtures.

However, it now appears that the Academy would permit us to create a free-standing exhibit in the upper, circular area under the glider (actually, some of the most popular and heavily traffic'd space at the Center). Within certain reasonable constraints, we could design and fund such a display, which could highlight AF space activities and how grads and the Academy have contributed, as well as more forward-looking themes. The exhibit could also be moved to the Cadet Area for temporary display.

The contractor that is doing the Center, Kimmell Graphics, has been working with us for over a year, and has ideas we could build upon. Of course, we'd have to come up with funds to do it.

Before I continue this dialog with the Academy, I'd like to get your opinions on this project. In addition to specific ideas about the display, we need to know if anyone has ideas for funding. The precise anount is TBD, but I estimate a well-designed display could cost over $50K. Would corporate support be appropriate? Or maybe you have ideas for a less-expensive approach. We need to work on this.

Thanks; I look forward to your feedback.

Stan Rosen